Soooooooooooooo.... OMFG!!! I can't believe it!

My period has been a few days late and I did bring a pregnancy test with me just in case but I NEVER thought it'd be positive! Funny though, I had dreamt we'd found out we were expecting while we were on honeymoon. Crazy shit!

So, How did it all go down? We'll we're in Bangkok on Honeymoon and my period was due the day we flew out. I am four days late and not really in a set cycle after having my merina out so I wans't too fussed. I decided while tane was having a smoke to do a test. I popped it on the bench top and went about brushing my teeth. So one line appeared and I was like 'Yep, Knew it - negative' but then remembered the test had said to wait 5 minutes for the test to complete so I kept brushing my teeth, When I next looked down there were two lines. I didn't know what to do. I stopped brushing my teeth and looked at myself in the mirror 'Holy shit, Im pregnant - Fuck, OMG, OMG - Holy shit - We're pregnant'

I was shaking so much and totally overwhelmed. I totally did not expect this. I mean we hadn't been using protection but with Endo I had though it'd be a while before we concieved. Evidently not.

I bundled the test in a singlet and went down to find Tane who was off having a smoke. Typical, I got there and he was gone. I must have just missed him... Holy shit, I'm pregnant! I was still shaking. I went up to our room and found Tane had just gotten back. I walked in, he was knelt on the floor getting something out of his bag. I looked him in the eye and said 'I think you need to sit down, I have something to tell you' It took me ages to find the words. 'I think im pregnant'

Tane had a smile spread across his face that could have lit a thousand suns!

Tane - Really?
Me - Yes, The test has two lines, That means it positive
Tane - That's great, I mean really great. Whos the father?
Me - You are of course
Tane - Shit, Wow. For a minute there I though someone had died with the look on your face

Hahaha, Tane then cracked open the Johnny Walker Black Label and coke, I had a cup of tea and we sat in awe that we were going to be parents! Totally trippy.

So by my calculations the conception date was either 13th or 15th June. A week out from the wedding (Talk about great timing!) so using the 15th our due date is 8th March 2014! so as at today we are 3 weeks and 5 days pregnant.

Guess that explains why I have been going to the loo every half hour lately!

Fuck me! We're going to be parents!

Tiger Temple Tour
We had a busy but incredible time yesterday. We were up early, fed and watered then bundled off on a massive bus for a 2 1/2 hour journey. OUr first destination was the River Kwai museum which was a truly harrowing account of the PoW camps set up in the name of building the death railway. It was incredibly humbling and totally heart breaking but I am please we visited. Our generation has no idea what suffering is...

After this we went to look at the River Kwai rail crossing which is an epic feat, More so given the appalling conditions the PoW's were subjected to. The heat alone was enough to kill a man. Factor in Brutality, malnutrition, sickness and disease and you truly woul dhave had hell on earth!

Next stop was lunch which was a wonderful buffet of chicken, rice, cabbage stirfry, fried banana, tom yum soup - The list goes on and on. Afterwards we headed to the musch anticpated Tiger Temple. It was incredible. We were able to walk with the tigers, lead them, pet them, have numerous photo's with them and so on. It was amazing. We watch them play, We saw countless water buffalo, three bears, goats, cows, boar and so many more animals. We spent hours here and it was totally worth the cost and travel time.

We then headed back home which took 3 hours. We plodded down to the supermarket where we spent loads of time and a bit of money on all the things that are insanely cheap here vs home. Seriously it is crazy cheap here. Things like mentos for 50c and tiger balm for $1. We look a bit like a travelling phamacy but it's all just so cheap.

After that we headed off to the pat pong markets and shopped our way through for about 3+ hours. We picked up a few bargins and had a great time bartering. We finally crawled into be about 1am.

Today is a lazy day, A bit more shopping and definately lazing by the pool. I could get used to this.

Introducing Mrs Goldsmith
It's been sooooooooooooo exciting! We've spent over a year planning, creating, booking and preparing for our wedding day and it was over far to quick.

We had an amazing day! For a winter wedding we had perfect weather. The whole country had been plagued with heavy rain, snow, winds and generally shitty conditions for the lead up to our big day but then 22nd June rolled around the day was damn near perfect.

The girls and I got ready at mum and dads place, We ran a bit late due to the make up artisy but isn't a bride supposed to be fashionably late? The boys got ready at home. It was really realxing, exciting and enjoyable. I started getting nerves on the way to the church though I have to admit.

The ceremony was amazing. The church was full! The whole thing flew by in the blink of an eye. Tane and I planned and wrote our own ceremony including our vows. THe first kiss was apparently a hot topic. Long and lingering from all accounts :-) We couldn't stop smiling.

After the ceremony we headed to wynard quarter for photos and then off to McD's (Yes, That's right) For an impromptu photo session which created a storm. We were world famous in that McD's! After McD's we headed to Long bay where we finished off our photo shoot with some on a flying fox (Lets be honest there was no chance I was going to be the traditional, reserved type bride haha!) then we headed to our reception which was incredible.

Lots of funny speechs, food, family, friend and laughter. So much dancing it was unreal!

In summary, The best freaking day of my life!

So now we're officially Mr & Mrs Goldsmith. We spend our wedding night at the Langham, Had a day and half at home then hopped on a flight on Tuesday 25th to Thailand which is where I am now as I type this. We arrived 8pm local time (1am NZ time) last night and crashed out. Today we've slept like you wouldn't believe. Been to the local shopping centre which is so big it's crazy - in fact we have to go back because we barely made it around the bottom floor! Everything is crazy cheap here. Loving it!
Tonight we're heading to see some Thai fights and do some more shopping.

Tomorrow we are off to pet tigers, go to the river kwai and also to the chaing railway so it will be a fully on day but I can wait.

We have 4 day here then we are off to Phuket for 10 days then home, a bit of rest then back to work.

Enjoy x

Engaged - At Last!!!!

Well what an exciting day the 3rd June 2012 proved to be. In amongst a month of celebrations (Tanes birthday and my birthday days apart) was a rather exciting, kind of unexpected suprise. Where to begin? How about with the morning of Sunday 3rd June 2012?

Tane and I woke up after a busy night cleaning the house (Why the hell had Tane been so keen to get all the cleaning done Friday? Who knows, Least we'd have the weekend to relax and enjoy...)

Mum and my sister had booked me out to go shopping, Something we do every now and then. Tane had promised me a candle lit dinner as an extension to my birthday present (Which was gun shooting at a friends house)and told me to be home no later than 4/4.30pm...

Of we went. A pedicure first on our shopping list, naturally. Next we started scoping out the stores. Yeah! I was just getting into the swing of it when mum mentioned we needed to get going. It was only about 2.30pm... I was thinking WTF? I've only been to a few stores... and besides Tane said home time was 4/4.30pm.. I was being pushed out the door, literally, thinking it was odd the time discrepancies. I'd told mum Tane wouldn't mind if I was a bit late but she was having none of it. Most unusual of her... So I was bundled back to the car and we headed home about 3/3.15pm.

On our way home mum's mobile rang and my sister answered it... Here is the convo:

'Hi Dad'..... 'Oh really, There's whales down at Long Bay? Crazy'..... 'You want us to meet you down there? Okay. Shall I get Sarah to call Tane and have him meet us down there too?'.... 'Cool'....

I was naturally stoked and amping to head down and see the whales but something about the convo struck me as weird. Firstly - Arent we supposed to be hustling ourselves back home? And secondly... How odd for my sister to ask if Tane should meet us there????

So I phone Tane right away and his phone had loads of noise in the background... What the heck? Here is the convo:

Me: 'Hi babes... Where are you? It's really noisy?'
Tane: 'I'm at the beach'
Me: 'Oh really....?'
Tane: 'Babes... are you there? I can't hear you....'
Then Tane hung up (I later found out it was because he was so nervous he couldn't talk to me)

I hang up and look at my mum and sister... Guilty faces I see... What the hell is going on?

'Okay you two.. What's the deal? I smell a rat so you'd better cough up!' Mum covered well, Saying Tane had organised a candle lit dinner at the beach and not to ruin it because he'd worked so hard on it... Okay I thought, This could be 'IT' ya know the moment he finally pops the question?... I was excited but gutted when I found out there would be no Whales hahaha!

We arrived at the beach and I hopped out announcing to my mum and sister that I best put my game face on and off I tottered to Tane. He was on the beach waiting.

Me: 'Hi Babes, I hear there are Whales, Have you seen any'
Tane: 'No, But I found this' (And he hands me a massive shell https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150990732581329&set=a.10150616134961329.431996.625836328&type=3&theater )
me: Mind going a million miles an hour... A ring box could find in here. This could change my life forever.. And if it's not the grand proposal will I be upset???? I finally say 'Wow, cool... Do you like my toe nail polish?' What an idiot....
Tane: 'Yeah, Nice babes, Are you going to look in the shell?'
Me: 'Yep'

When I opened the shell I notice there isn't a ring box but a plaque with an inscription saying 'Sarah - I love you with all my heart - will you marry me?'

Me: 'What? Really? Honestly like no kidding?' and when I looked up Tane was on one knee with a ring in his fingers asking me to marry him. I burst into tears but naturally said yes! He slipped on the $2 shop ring (I got to choose my own).

My family were all there for the proposal and a couple even witnessed it in the back ground... I was so thrilled, Tane looked VERY relieved. We headed off for a walk along the beach while my parents went home to put the kettle on. I wanted to tell everyone on the beach about what just happened. I was grinning from ear to ear... Awesome.

We got home and I notice a pair of shoes at the front door that weren't anyones I knew... I thought it was a bit odd... We walked in and headed to the lounge. When I opened the door there were about 20 of our friends and family standing there to celebrate with us. The food, and booze, was flowing all evening and I was just on a super high!

What a great day and night.

Now I can officially call Tane my Fiancee :-)

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Righty - O

As I recall we were at the hotel, about to head off to bed for much need (And very much comfortable) sleep. OUr accommodation was excellent and the nights sleep was amazing! OUr breakfast the next morning was beyond words. we had on offer pratically everything you can imagine. Fruit, cereal, cooked curries, eggs, yoghurt, juice - basically the whole sha-Bam.
We stuffed ourselves to the point of bursting then rushed around getting ready to check out. We stowed our bags and then headed off to Sunway Lagoon. It was a fun day filled with amusement rides and waterslides. The weather was breathtaking and I managed to sport a faint glow of sun kissed skin by the time we left. We found a doughnut place and I have to say I have never had doughnuts like it. I had the Choco Loco and it was a chocolate coated doughnut stuffed fill with a chocolate mouse type filling. It was so good I had to order another one!

After the lagoon we chilled out at the hotel until it was time to catch the train. We did more shopping, Slept on the sun loungers by the pool and ate dinner then headed on down to the train station.

As per the first trip the train was manageable. Little room for me in bed with the luggage in there and the toilets this time we disgusting. I managed a decent amount of sleep. The only eventful part of the journey was when an Asian lady had her passport stolen by a guy who ran past, grabbed it and jumped off the train at the last stop before customs. So if you're travelling by train, NEVER leave your belonging unattended, Book a cabin in the middle of the train, not either end. Keep your curtain closed when you are completing your customs documentation and keep a weary eye on anyone who looks dodgy.

So we made it Singapore, an hour late, and headed up to Ruth and Niels place. There I freshened up and we made for Sentosa Island again :-) This time we went up the Merlion and took pictures of the stunning view. We headed along to the display 'The images of Singapore' which was fantastic (Thanks you Ruth for the suggestion) and then we hurried back, Packed up and Tane and I head to the Ferry terminal to catch the ferry to Bintan Island.

The ferry ride was a brief 55 minutes, clearing customs was a breeze and the temp here is a little cooler than Singapore. We were shuttled to our hotel (Bintan Lagoon resort) where we checked into our lovely accommodation then went for a walk around the place. It is lovely here, Bintan being Indonesian there is plenty of amazing food, the staff have been brilliant but I have to say the resort prices are criminal. Once we settled in we headed to the terrace bar and grab a light dinner then, after all the days events and covering three countries in less than 24 hours, we final gave into sleep.

We woke the next morning feeling brilliantly refreshed and headed down for the breakfast that is included in the package. I tell you, It is just incredible. The same as our last location but a bit more thorough. We stuffed ourselves to the point of popping then went back for more Haha After our lunch we retired to the pool where we sunbathed the day away.
Every night we have been here we have had the most amazing thunder and lightening storms. The lightening is fork lightening which is fascinating to watch and the who air actually fizzles with the energy. It's quite incredible to watch.

The next day we enjoyed our breakfast and headed off to the local markets (Where everything is super cheap so we stocked up on supplies, Including Tane who brought 20 packet of ciggies for less than $2 NZD) we had a look around, made some small purchases and headed back to the hotel. We retired to the pool only to be sent back to the hotel but what seemed to be a torrential storm of enormous proportions. It continued from early afternoon right the way through the night so we relaxed with a book and watched the chaos pass us by.

The following day the weather had perked up so we hit the pool again (I know - It's a hard life eh?) and spent the day relaxing and eating (I swear I have put on a heap of weight since I got here)

Yesterday we did the same only to have another massive storm roll in so we caught the afternoon shuttle to town and had a massage for an hour which cost a grand total of $31 each. We stocked up on more supplies and then headed back to the hotel. We ordered room service for dinner (It cheaper than most of the resturants here) and watched the Truman show that was playing on HBO.

Today we are plannning our last day by the pool (No suprises there huh?) and I am hoping to have my hair braided before I leave tomorrow.

Sadly our holiday is coming to an end but it has been incredible and I am looking forward to my own bed (Just not the shocking cold that is awaiting our return)

So on that note I will head off for Breakfast and shall post to you when I arrive back home in good old NZ.

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Well my gosh, It has been crazy!!! Where did I leave you all?

Ah yes, We were off to the Botanical gardens and the zoo. What an intense day that turned out to be. We left the hostel early on and headed to the botanical gardens by taxi (Which I have to say is incredible cheap!!!) When we arrived we walked in the garden to find a group of people doing impromptu form of Thai Chi, so Tane and I joined in and enjoyed the informal class for the remainder of it course. We walked around the stuinning gardens for a few hours, Heading into the Orchid garden which was incredible. When we'd had enough of the plant life we jumped in another Taxi and made our way to the Singapore Zoo - Now if you are ever in Singapore this is a must!!! Firstly we walked past 'Fish reflexology' and I have been dying to do this for ages!!! It's where you soak your feet in a pool where 'Dr Fish' come along and nibble away all the dead skin cells on your feet and legs. We booked 15 minutes and I have to say I can't recall the last time I laughed this hard!

Every time we dipped our feet in the water the fish swarmed us and th feeling was just plain bloody weird. Tane likened it to the feeling of thousands of small bubbles being jetted up under your feet. It was so much fun. When we finally relaxed enough the fish did thier job and we had a very relaxing time.

Next we headed around Singapore zoo and I tell you it is no small zoo. The wild life is amazing and nothing is kept in cages. There are a heap of interactive ares and some brilliant micro environments tht you can road around in. Some of my highlights included feed a white Rino, The wild cats and the butterfly enclosure! We must have spent about 4 hours walking around and our time was only cut short (We didn't finish the last 1/4 of the Zoo) due to a torrential down pour accompanied with spectacular lightening and deafening thunder. The rain was so hard, so fast that the zoo started to flood.

We headed back to our hostel and relaxed for a bit. We got in touch with Neil (Tane's mate we bumped into) and arranged to crash at thier place for the night (We were super excited at the prospect of a comfortable bed to sleep in) so we packed up and check out a night early then headed over to Niel and Ruths.

Thier place is amazing! We took the kids out for dinner then relaxed before heading to bed (With very aching feet might I add.)

The next morning we woke and got ready then headed over to Sentosa for the day!! Totally crazy! How I imagine a mini Disney would be. We ate junk food, Followed the awesome mosaic water fountain, felt sick from yet more junk food, travelled around the Island and made off to learn about the war. Tane held a snake (Not the one in his trouser) the pics are brilliant! We ate cheap, tasty local food then headed back to the tram. Tane, Niel and I headed into Chinatown where we dicovered the local markets we had managed to completely miss on our first visit and I have to say we all went shopping crazy! Managed to haggle a few excellent bargins and left with too much to pack into an already bulging suitcase. Next we made our way back over to Niel and Ruths place.

We headed to the local hawker market where we dined on local cusine (Tane the famous Chilli crab, Me the Chicken Sambala and we both tried Neils Sting ray - Yummo might i add) then Tane and I had to collect our belongings and make our way to the Train station for our overnight trip up to Malaysia...

And so the fun begins. There was very little information about the whole Train process. We hopped on with our luggage to find that all of our possesions AND ourselves had to fit into our small sleep crib for the duration of the journey. Not an easy feat! We had to disembark 25 minutes into the journey to clear customs then it was onwards and upwards to Malaysia. The train ride was bumpy and on occassions sounded like we were on a crash course but we slept and made it in one piece so we can't complain. We arrive in Malaysia this morning at 6.30am local time. We taxi'd to our hotel and freshened up (But couldn't check in until later).

We then commenced the first of our two day tours. First up we headed out to the local Pewter factory and did a fascinating tour of the place. We even go to turn our hand to 'Beating' pewter... Sadly I wasn't offered a job! Next we went to the local Silk and cotton dying/ painting place (The term escapes me at the moment) After that was the incredible, breath taking and humbling Batu caves. I can not tell you how incredible this place was!! The limestone caves were so massive that the whole world seemed to dissappear. The entry to the cave was up 272 step stairs covered with cheeky (And occasionally agressive) monkeys so it made the walk up some what entertaining.

After the caves we headed back to the hotel, Checked in and I had a devine shower. Our hotel room is excellent, massive and comfortable, bath and shower, lots of free goodies and well located. If you ever make it to Malaysia then stay at the Melia hotel.

Next up was the town tour of the local sights including the twin towers (Malaysian ones of course) then back to the hotel for some much need food, Rest and this update.

So as it stands now we have tomorrow at the Sunway Lagoon water and theme park (Which should be a ball of fun) and I have a delightful evening so sleeping to look forward to tonight. Tomorrow however we are back on the overnight train to Singapore and then off to resort bound Bintan where we are going to sleep, eat and relax.

Take care and post soon,

Singapore madness
So I know I don't update often, only when there is something important that happened, or as my name would indicate - when I go travelling. This post if for the latter of the two.

We are in Singapore - We arrived on Wednesday 18th May at 6.30pm local time. Our flight was 10.5 hours and I have to say it was much better than I expected. The plane was almost empty and we had plenty of room to stretch out. Fyling with Jetstar can be a bit hit and miss but I think we nailed it this time.

Being a budget flight we packed our own food (Snacks, Lunch and Dinner) so we were never hungry. I can recommend purchasing the blanket package on flight, it was $8 and contained a polar fleece throw, a blow up neck pillow, toothpaste, tooth brush, eye covers and socks all in a little carry thing. Best $8 I've spent in a while (Especially considering we're taking the over night train up to Malaysia soon)

What a crazy place this is. First impressions = Concrete Jungle. There are sky scrapers as far as the eye can see. Everyone seems to live in massive apartment units that all look the same. The place is extremely clean and the people are friendly and helpful - unless you're instore buying something. Then service seems to be non-existent.

We're staying at a back packers called the inn crowd. It's a good back packers. Located close to the MRT (Trains) and has free Wi-Fi. The place is in Little India and there is like a million places to eat and the food is beyond cheap (Think S$3 for a feed). The down side of this place is the beds are creaky and uncomfortable and my bloody body clock wont switch over from NZ time (4 hours ahead of Singaore time) to Singapore time, Hence why I am typing this wide awake at 6.44am Singapore time.

Yesterday was our first full day here and we didn't waste any time getting out an about. We headed to Orchard road which you have to see to believe. There were shopping centre after shopping centre, all multi levels (I think 5 stories was the smallest) and all on one road. Mys sister would have been in HEAVEN!!! The temp here is a balmy (Alright - A humid) 33 degrees and the shops offer much needed aircon. After Orchard road we headed down to China town where Tane had a feed and we wnet on the quest for some natural Chinese medicines we can't get back home. We foudn them, in what was an incredible chinese chemist at Pearls Centre - I was seriously impressed. Next I wnated a watch and we ended up at OC near the peoples park and I have to say it was the best mall so far. Each floor is dedicated to one thing for example, one floor is babies/ kids stuff, one floor womens stuff, one floor homewares etc. I had a great time, and added bonus I found a watch too! Score! By now the afternoon was wearing on so we headed back to our hostel and chilled out (In our Air Con) for the rest of the day.

I ended up heading to be early given that I ended up with a smashing head cold the DAY we flew out (How rude eh?) and last night I had blocked nose, ears and sinus'. I'm feeling better today thought (Sweating like crazy here)

Oh, Tane also ran into a friend of his who moved over her 18 months ago - When I say ran into I mean we walked past Starbucks and Tane tells me he thinks he knows the guy in the cafe, Sure as damn it. What are the chances of that happening? And who, We're hoping to catch up with them tomorrow or tonight if we can take up the offer of a nights stay with them.

Today we're off to see the botanical gardens and the Singapore Zoo.

Shall keep you posted as internet access permits :-)

Tandem Bike Riding
Funny stuff I must say!

Tane wanted to go out for a date and suggested we give Tandem bike riding a whirl so off we headed to Mission bay, We hired a bike for an hour and set off to master the act of Tandem Riding. The funniest part was setting off.Tane was up front with all the controls and it was just so funny trying to get going. In fact Tane didn't think it would be possible to do it at all Hahaha.

We amanged to complete our hour, Swapping places half way through and we definately sussed out a trick to keeping things on the straight and narrow. We had so many comments and people saying 'Awh, How cute' - In fact if you want to pull chicks this could be a great way to do so. Not expensive either, Just $24 for the hour!

after the ride we grabbed an ice cream from Movenpick and then we snuck off to Hammer Head resturant for dinner. It was superb and the weather was amazing too. Couldn't have asked for better!

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I am sleepy, I am far too busy and I need a holiday. Same as usual :-)
How have you all been?

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You know it's been a while since you posted when...
A) you have to type the whole website address into your browser
B) and you forget your password...

Alas, A long time indeedy. So darn busy these days not sure how I manage to squeeze sleep in to be frank, Mind you, Do I manage to squeeze sleep in?

Lots happening. Work, business stuff, adventures and all that Jazz. Am still not well in the sense that I am constantly exhausted, my leg injuries from OB are still causing me grief and I keep getting sick but I figure a new year, A new leaf and I hope thats how it is going to work out.

Just wanted toe say hello, Long time no see and let you all know I am thinking of you :-)
Not that there are many who read my pages but alas the few who do are thought of :-)


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