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Our Rainbow baby is baking!

I'm excited, overwhelmed, nervous, apprehensive, overjoyed and in love! We're pregnant with baby #3, Our sweet rainbow after losing our angel in October 2015. First try (I know, we are so blessed) and I just know our angel hand picked this little one (Or ones) for us,s he's been waiting for the right time and it is now. Those two beautiful lines, faint at first at 10dpo and blazing blazing red at 11dpo made my heart sign and ache at the same time.

I'm feeling well, Nausea is minimal, vomitting has only happened twice, Sore boobs, frequent pee'ing, feeling full - All of it I love. These symptoms remind me I have precious cargo on board and the more symptoms I have the more I feel comfortable in the knowledge this pregnancy is progressing well.

I have serial beta hcg this week to confirm the numbers are raising properly. Next week I'll aim to meet with my midwife and the following week I'll have my first scan, Ironically this will be on Friday 13th - The very day our rainbow was due. I hope for a bittersweet day. A day I cry for the loss I don't get to be welcoming yet cry for joy at the sweet little human I am carrying and will get to 'see' for the first time. Such a mixed emotions day. On the positive it makes me look forward to the 13th - A day I have been dreading for months now.

Our families are really excited for us. I'm sure this is our take home rainbow and I love him/her more than I thought possible already.

Sweet baby, Welcome aboard x
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