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Baby number 2 due May 2016

Exciting news! Baby number two is baking in the oven!

We tried to conceive last month but that didnt happen and this month was a not try, not preventing situation and would you believe we are blessed to be pregnant :-)

I had a feeling I was pregnant. Super sore nipples, heavy, full and tender breasts, nausea and full feeling lower abdomen so I'd been testing from quite early on but my first 'squint and you can see it' line appeared on the saturday 29th. By the 30th it was dark enough to tell Tane and now it is screaming red (wohoo)

Its a bit of a stressful time with Tane being out of work but well manage.

My parents were happy but not as excited as I expected. Yvonne and Bill are thrilled. Katie was very kind on the phone but I am sure her heart is breaking given how long they've been trying.
Matt was stoked as is Herby.

Tane didnt believe me to begin with but now he seems happy.

Yay, Phoenix is going be a big brother hehehe
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