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Unimom double pump vs Medella swing single pump

Hi Ladies, I was mentioning unimom breast pump a couple of weeks ago (Can't find the post now) with regards to a double breast pump. I've been using the medela swing but was frustrated with the time it was taking to express. I ordered the unimom double pump from Breastmates (Franny is amazing!) and said I would pop feedback on here so here goes:
Unimom double pump vs Medal Swing:
Unimom Pros -
* Massage cushions when you're expressing. They're heavenly!
* Cost - $235 for a DOUBLE pump, That's is cheaper than the Medela Swing single pump
* Very quiet
* Can convert to a single pump very easily
* Dial control for optimum pump setting though there is only one setting so if one boob needs a little more/ less than the other then you'd have to settle for somewhere in the middle
* MAGIC at expressing, The 120ml I just expressed took 20 minutes max. With the swing I would pump for an hour only get 90mls (Pumped at the same time, same place, same situation as always!)
* Very cool to see the variation in what milk comes from which boob. My super boob really is a super boob lol
Unimom Cons -
* It's is; by comparison to the Medela; very big
* Bigger size = heavier overall though nothing I couldn't work with
* not battery powered so not portable if there is no power
* There is no let down mode which I didn't find a problem but some may.
* Doesn't breakdown as thoroughly as the Medela so can't be cleaned as easily (Though clean isn't difficult) and unfortunately doesn't fit my pumping bra
In summary - For an at home pump this is incredibly effective and now makes me happy to go out for the evening and pump when I get home without the dread of spending an hour on a pump for minimal reward. The Unimom pump was as comfortable as the Medela swing. This is absolutely value for money and I am pleased I purchased it. I'll hold on to my swing in case I need a portable pump but otherwise the unimom will be my pump of choice for fast, effective and comfortable pumping.
Tips for expressing with double pumps - Your hands will be full. I hadn't really thought it through first time. I used my bra to help 'Hold' the pumps in place which worked well
Hope this helps - If you wanted to ask anything please just comment
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