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My Hypnobirthing recommendation for Jodie Guthrie -

Thank you so much Jodi for taking my Husband and I through the Hypnobirthing method when we were expecting our first baby. I was the usual nervous mother, concerned about giving birth and all that would follow (And proceed!) and I cant be more thankful that we choose Hypnobirthing as it still serves me well almost 4 months after our sons arrival.

Hypnobirthing for me was a wonderful way to release any fears I was carrying and to embrace our journey - whatever that may be. Hypnobirthing was also a fantastic way to bring my husband in from the sidelines and enable him to be an active and integral part of our sons birth.

I found hypnobirthing invaluable to find deep and rested sleep, particularly in the last few months of pregnancy. I never felt uncomfortable or restless and seldom had a poor nights sleep and I credit this to Hypnobirthing. Hypnobrithing helped me to bond with our baby long before he arrived and to have absolute faith that my body was designed for this amazing birth, that both my baby and I would work together and as a team we could face anything our birthing brought.

Hypnobirthing helped me to visualize the birth we wanted, including a very optimistic time of 4-5 hours of surges then a final 'breathing out baby' stage of no more than 45 minutes.

I was absolutely blown away when the time came for my son, husband and I to engage our hypnobirthing method. I spent the day with very mild surges, Totally unconvinced I was about to give birth despite being 5 days overdue. At 9.30pm, with surges coming every six minutes and lasting 45 second, I was still not convinced as I was far to calm and comfortable to be nearing birth. I headed off to bed using the progressive relation method to drift into a deep, calm and totally rested sleep.

You wouldn't believe it. I woke at 1.30am in what can only be described as full blown surges. They were coming so hard and fast I couldn't even time them. Hubby and I packed up and bundled ourselves off to the hospital. I started pushing on the way to the hospital and ended up delivering our son a mere 20 minutes after arriving at the hospital. Total time since waking till birth was 1 hour 5 minutes.Unbelievable and much quicker than the viualised time I had :-)

Since being blessed with the arrival of our son I still use Hypnobirthing. Whenever I am stressed, anxious or unable to sleep I use the relaxation methods we covered in hypnobirthing. I still use the rainbow relaxation to put me to sleep whenever I am struggling (Especially with all these hormone changes!) and the glove hypnotherapy has come in handy the couple of times I have been in pain and needed to use it.

I can't recommend Hypnobirthing enough and it is something I actively encourage among the many expecting mums I know. When we're ready to have our second Child I take a lot of comfort knowing I will be able to fall back on the Hypnobirthing method again. Thank you so much.
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